Basketball (Girls V)

Basketball (Girls V) Scores

By Airrence Shark | Dec 4, 2023 8:13 AM

Varsity vs Concord High School (26 - 46) Loss 1st 4-12 CHS 2nd 9-26 CHS 3rd 21-37 CHS 4th 26-46 CHS Wins Concord came on on fire early Saturday night. Slicers went down by 20 and just couldn't get back into the game for the night. Slicers went 0-2 on the weekend. Next week they play Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Scorers L.Poe- 11 points lead team T.Reaves 5 points L.Hart- 4 points K.Roundtree- 4 points E.Wallace- 2 points