Slicers News · Headstrong Concussion Insurance Program

The La Porte High School Athletic Department is pleased to announce, in conjunction with the Indiana High School Athletic Association, the securing of the Headstrong Concussion Insurance Program for the 2018-19 school year.  The Headstrong Concussion Insurance Program was specifically developed to insure student athletes from the high cost of concussion treatment and neurological follow up.  The student athlete has first dollar coverage (zero deductible) for concussion assessment and treatment.  Coverage is secondary / excess to any other valid and collectible insurance but will become the primary payor, if no other insurance is available.

Below are four links that help explain the program and the process for submitting a claim.  There is not cost for this program to student athletes as the LPHS athletic department is paying for this benefit.


IHSAA Sample Program Handout 2018

K & K Incident Report

Other Insurance Questionnaire 2018-19

Thank you,
Ed Gilliland
LaPorte High School Athletics Administration